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zendit provides access to a vast catalog of global prepaid brands through a customizable, unified platform.

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Getting Started with zendit

To get started with zendit, follow this guide to quickly get up and running

  • Sign up for zendit
  • Complete your registration and account setup
  • Grab your test environment key from the dashboard
  • Take a look at the catalog of offers available
  • Visit Zendit University to learn about the features of the product, key concepts on working with the API and code examples
  • Review the API Guide
  • Head over the production servers swagger
  • Hit the Authorize button and put in “Bearer ” + your copied sandbox key
  • You can test catalog pulls and transactions for products directly from the swagger page

Head over to the SDKs list and grab one to ease your integration. Don’t see your preferred programming language? You can grab the doc.json swagger file then use Swagger to generate a client in your preferred programming language to get started quickly. If you run into any questions, you can get in contact with zendit and a member of our team will get back to you.

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Here are some of the questions and their answers that our customers asked previously. If you have any more questions, please contact us.

No you don’t. This isn’t a subscription based service. You pay as you go.

zendit provides a platform and an API for purchasing prepaid mobile top ups, bundles, data plans, digital gift cards and utility payments. Once signed up, simply integrate with our API or use an SDK to integrate, test your integration then go to production and fund your wallet. Every request to fulfill a product will take the cost from your wallet and set it aside for safe keeping then your transaction will slide through a luge of queues and the system of tubes to the providers to get the product and return your transaction with the details of how it went. If the transaction slipped off the track, you’ll get a refund for the transaction back in your wallet but if it made it to the final destination, the money will be taken from your wallet to pay for the ride.

zendit offers the option to pay by wire transfer. We are adding additional payment methods in the future.

Currently we offer the option to code against our REST API or using an SDK. As we continue to roll out features, no code options are in the works.

Zendit is available in most countries around the world. Currently funding and pricing is available in USD but we’ll be adding more currencies for funding and pricing in the future.